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We provide software solutions like Anitra which is a cost-effective intranet solution for businesses, with features like; document management, HR tools, CRM tools, knowledge dissemination, social intranet and so much more. We also have a customer feedback solution among the host of others.


In Aneolab, we have a very skilled and proficient team of developers who are experienced in mobile and web application development. We can handle all your development needs.


This solution enables businesses to automate business and operational processes with the help of a software workforce that can handle various tasks without the pain of developing softwares. It increases accuracy and efficiency in service delivery hereby saving costs.

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Our Clients

What makes our products and services so alluring is because we believe in the magic of Technology as a tool of advancing societies.

That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – our clients. To increase your productivity, effective service delivery and your business efficiency.

The Haven (Web & Mobile App)
Karis & Sazii
Karis & Sazii Intranet (Web App)
Geoson Conference (Web & Mobile App)
De Food Court (Web & Mobile App)
And Many Other Non-disclosable Projects